musicphotoI have to have live music in my life, even if it’s just practising at home.  I haven’t dedicated my life to music, but I have been a dedicated musician most of my life. I’ve learned different music in the different traditions; I’m a classically trained vocalist and pianist, I learned guitar by ear, and percussion in the oral tradition.  My roots are folk but I enjoy playing a wide variety of music including, classical, rock, Latin, African and I have a special kid friendly repetoire.

Tonia has volunteered at a number of community events as a musician including:  The Coldest Night of the Year Walk (Burnaby Task Force on Homelessness), The Burnaby Volunteer’s Festival, Kensington Festival, South Burnaby Boys & Girls Club 60th Anniversary, The Greater Vancouver Zoo’s 40th Anniversary, The BC Hydro Safety Rodeo, Royal Oak and Rumble Festival (ROAR) etc.


Garifuna Drum made by me


DSCN1584                     Music Letter - Volunteer Burnaby

Taking a break while heli-patrolling on the Pine River in NE BC

(Photo T. Scott)


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