McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. employed the services of Tonia Jurbin to prepare an 8-page advertorial that appeared in the July, 2007 edition of BC Business magazine. Starting with very little information, Tonia interviewed a couple of our senior staff and quickly helped us to identify a theme to focus the article. Her questions were insightful, and she seemed genuinely interested and enthusiastic about the project. Her first draft was well written and engaging, and required very little editing on our part, in spite of the fact that it included some technical terminology. I would gladly use Tonia’s services again for a writing project.

Chris Newcomb
McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.
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Vancouver, B.C., V6B 2M1,
Phone: (604)694-2264
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Website: www.mcelhanney.com

Landfill Fire Control Inc. hired Tonia to help us put together a technical article on landfill fires. Having Tonia do the writing was a real time-saver for us, allowing me to only spend a couple hours talking to her about the technology and then a quick edit at end. Tonia did all the research, writing and editing at a fraction of our cost. The end product was just super, better than I could have written it myself. The best part was her efforts allowed me to get back to the meat and potatoes consulting and running the business. You can find the article on her web site at http://www.toniajurbin.com. I certainly intend to use Tonia’s technical writing services whenever the next opportunity arises. Please call or e-mail me if you would require further details on our very positive experience in using Tonia’s services.

Dr. Tony Sperling, P.Eng.

Email: sperling@sperlinghansen.com
Phone (604) 986-7723
Fax (604) 986-7734
Cell (604) 220-4862


I have had the pleasure of using Tonia’s services as a technical editor for a major treatise on the use of a risk based approach for dam safety engineering that a team of dam safety experts has been putting together over the last 4 years. Thomas Telford in the UK is publishing this book during 2004.

With her engineering and technology background, Tonia has a real knack for taking a complex subject and putting it in simple terms, such that the non-expert can understand and appreciate the point of the exercise clearly and efficiently.  I have no hesitation in recommending your considering Tonia for the next article preparation or review work that you may have in mind.

Alan Imrie P. Eng. P. Geo
Principal Engineer
BC Hydro Engineering

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Tonia Jurbin has been involved with Seabulk in writing feature articles for Technical magazines.These articles have been about various engineering fields that has required a thorough understanding of the technology and inventions developed by Seabulk for the Marine Bulk Industry. Tonia has been very professional in her work.I would be be pleased to recommend Tonia for challenging projects, which require careful research and technical report writing.

Sidney Sridhar, P.Eng
Seabulk Systems Inc


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